Founded in 1959 as a small denture laboratory employing only one technician, realizing the importance of dental restorations for us as humans was and remains our drive to provide not only the best quality restorations but also the most affordable within the fastest turnaround time possible. Global laboratories currently employs 89 technicians in the fixed restoration department and 32 technicians in the removable department serving the entire nation and Other countries, this kind of expansion over the years only takes place while employing only the most experienced and absolute dedication but as a personal opinion “our key to success goes back to treating each and every doctor as if it is our only client.
We offer a wide-range of dental restorations in our premium laboratory. You will be provided with a comprehensive plan prior to the start of any dental services. We are NOT speechmakers nor with an excellent skill of choosing large fancy words to sway minds, we simply make beautiful teeth restorations that will have your patient stare at that mirror for a tad bit longer after brushing their teeth, terms and conditions below
These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all written Orders received by Global Laboratories, Inc. (“Global”) from the Customer.
Customer Orders- The Customer, unless otherwise advised by Global, shall furnish Global with a written prescription or similar order form and/or a set of impressions for model or fabrication (the “Order”) requesting Global manufacture a dental or orthodontic appliance or device (the Product”), along with any special instructions. If no written special instructions accompany an Order, Global shall assume there are no special instructions and Global will proceed with the fabrication and manufacture of the orthodontic appliance or device (the “Product”). Global expects 8-10 business days for all fixed restorations. No returns or refunds of custom fabrications unless it qualifies for re fabrication. If there is no error in our process, there is no ground for refund. Re fabrication of products, free of charge only if impression or material provided by customer is no different from original in any way, shape, or form. Global Prices- Customer shall pay Global for each shipped Product, at the prices established by Global and in effect at the time of Global’s receipt of the Customer’s Order. Payment- Payment for Product purchased by Customer shall due and payable upon Customer’s receipt of the Product, unless an invoice states otherwise, in which event the terms of the invoice shall govern. Receipt of any check, draft or other commercial paper shall not constitute payment until Global’s financial institution confirms Customer’s payment has cleared all bank holds. Title- For the purpose of securing payment to Global, title to said Products shall be and remain with Global until receipt by Global of the full purchase price in accordance with section three above. Global shall have the right to retake possession of a Product until title thereto shall have passed to Customer.
Shipments. Global will endeavor, whenever practicable, to follow Customer’s requests with regard to route and method of shipment but reserves the right to ship Product purchased by a Customer hereunder by whatever mode of transportation by whatever route and from whatever point Global may select. Risk of Loss or Damage- Global shall not be liable to Customer for any loss or damage to any of said Product purchased hereunder after delivery thereof by Global to the Customer or to a carrier for shipment to Customer, whichever shall first occur, and Customer shall be responsible for filing all claims for loss of or damage to any of said Product purchased hereunder while in the possession of any carrier. Global agrees, however, to provide reasonable assistance to Customer in accordance with its then current procedure in processing all such claims. Trademarks and Service Marks Exclusive Ownership- Global is the exclusive owner of the various trademarks and service marks, including the business name “Global Laboratories, Inc.” and any other words and design marks, which Global uses in connection with its business. Term- This agreement shall become effective and apply to any and all Orders placed by Customer or unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Termination by Global- Global may terminate this agreement at any time by written notice of termination delivered to Customer. The termination to be effective on the date of termination. Global may also terminate this agreement in the event of any assignment or attempted assignment by Customer without Global’s prior written consent. Effect of Termination- Except as herein otherwise expressly provided, all rights exercisable hereunder by Global and all Orders of Customer then outstanding and not filled by Global shall be automatically cancelled upon termination of this agreement. Termination of this agreement, however, shall not release Customer from any obligation to pay any sum that may then be owing Global. Default in Payment- Collections Fees and Late Fees. In the event any invoice delivered to Customer is not paid in full by Customer to Global within thirty days, the Customer shall be deemed in default. In the event of default by the Customer and should Global be forced to initiate collection proceedings against Customer, the Customer agrees and acknowledges that Global shall be entitled to reimbursement from Customer for all collection fees and costs, including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs for which Customer agrees to pay in full. All invoices more than thirty days outstanding shall accrue interest at the annual rate of ten percent or the highest allowed by law, whichever is greater, for which Customer agrees to pay. Relationship of Parties- The relationship between Global and Customer during the term of this agreement shall be that of vendor and vendee. Global is not a principal, agent or legal representative of Customer for any purpose whatsoever. Global and Customer are, and shall remain, at all times separate and independent business entities and no acquisition, merger, partnership or business association shall be created by this agreement. Responsibility for Customer’s Commitments and Third-Party End Users- Except insofar as it is specifically provided otherwise in this agreement, Customer shall be solely responsible for any and all obligations, responsibilities or liabilities incurred or assumed by Customer as it relates to the end user of the Product. Entire Agreement- There are no other agreements or understandings, either oral or in writing, between the parties affecting this agreement or relating to the sale of Product by Global, except as otherwise specifically provided herein. Overriding Character- This agreement cancels and supersedes all previous agreements between the parties. Severability- If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable or is prohibited by the laws of the state or place where it is to be performed, this agreement shall be considered divisible as to such provision and such provision shall be inoperative in such state or place and shall not be part of the consideration moving from either party to the other. The remaining provisions of this agreement, however, shall be valid and binding and of like effect as though such provisions were not included herein. No Implied Waiver- The failure of Global at any time to require performance by Customer of any provision hereof shall in no way affect Global’s full right to require such performance at any time thereafter. Nor shall the waiver by Global of a breach of any provision hereof by Customer constitute a waiver of any succeeding breach of the same or any other such provision nor constitute a waiver of the provision itself. Notices- Any notice required to be given by either party to the other under or in connection with this agreement shall be in writing and delivered personally or by mail. Notices to Customer shall be directed to Customer, or its representative at Customer’s place of business; notices to Global shall be directed to its representatives at Global’s place of business. Applicable Law, Venue and Jurisdiction- This agreement and all matters in dispute between Global and the Customer shall be governed by and construed according to the Laws of the State of New Jersey. By placing an Order with Global, Customer agrees and acknowledges that all matters in dispute under this agreement shall be resolved in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Atlantic County, and Customer and Customer’s principal owners and representatives hereby agree and acknowledge that both in rem and in personum jurisdiction rests with the above court.


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